The World (and People) of Car Shows

Car shows vary around the world and definitely in different parts of the United States. The people that go to the shows also differ greatly.

Some go to the shows to see a car that they recognize from their childhood or when they were first getting their driver’s license. Other people come to see the latest and greatest.

Other people come to the shows to see the latest and greatest — whether it’s an incredible paint job, something exotic or a sound system you can hear from up to a mile away. There’s something for everybody nowadays………..

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The Quest for Fuel Efficient Truck Tires

Efficiency in reduced fuel consumption is a major consideration for fleets that are strictly over the highway. The longer the route, the more important fuel efficiency becomes as it relates to the tires chosen. This is why the engineers at Triangle Tire are constantly working on improving the fuel efficiency of our TBR tires……….

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Decision Time for Regional Fleets: Reduce Tire Scrubbing or Long Tread Life?

Charles Luther, Northeast Sales Manager and TBR expert for Triangle Tire USA, answers key questions:

How does tire design address the tradeoff between efficiency and durability in tires for regional haul applications that are used on a mix of city streets and highways?

The primary purpose for regional application tires is to reduce the effect of scrubbing and rapid erosion of the tread while being used in inner city pick-up and delivery. The constant twisting and turning in tight spots and damage to curbed sidewalls creates the need to engineer regional application tires that will withstand the abuse of inner-city use………

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Want to Get More Mileage from Your Commercial Truck Tires?

Tires are one of the largest expenses for trucking fleets and owner operators, so it makes sense to do everything you can to extend their life.

There are many actions to take, but arguably nothing is more important than maintaining a stringent air pressure regiment. This needs to happen throughout the entire life cycle of the tire, including through the retread cycle……..

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10 Tips for Avoiding the Dreaded Flat Tire on Your Trailer

You’re headed to your favorite fishing hole with visions of largemouth bass swimming in your head when you hear that sickening “wop wop” sound of a flat tire!

BoatUS Trailer Assist service providers say tires are the main reason they’re called to help members experiencing trouble on the road.

Here are 10 tips to help ensure that you get to your fishing hole (or camping trip, horse riding adventure, etc.) on schedule……..

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Three Essential Safety Actions When Heavy Wheeled Equipment is Struck by Lightning

Do you know what action to take if a piece of your heavy wheeled equipment is hit by lightning or comes into contact with an electric transmission line? What you do could save serious injury.

When equipment is energized by a lightning strike or contact with a transmission line, that energy takes the path of least resistance to the ground, which are the steel ply cords found in most radial tires. This energy creates heat that can weaken the internal components of the tire and compromise its integrity……..

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The ABC’s of Low Rolling Resistance Commercial Truck Tires

How does a truck tire providing low rolling resistance (LRR) actually work? Here are the basics:

First, a simple definition – A LRR tire rolls with less energy loss/friction, which means the vehicle requires less fuel.

How does an LRR tire actually work?
The key to reducing the rolling resistance of a tire is actually accomplished with three variables:…….

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Reduce Tire Costs with Proper Spec’ing

It doesn’t make sense to ask an offensive lineman in football to run a deep pass route or to expect a wide receiver to effectively block a 300-pound nose guard. Each has his role on a football team . . . just like tires have specific roles in a fleet operation.

That’s why it is critical for fleet managers and owner operators to understand how their trucks and trailers operate day in and day out and then choose tires that meet as many of those operational criteria as possible…….

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Triangle TB598 OTR Tire Showing its Worth on Articulated Haul Trucks

There’s double good news about the Triangle TB598 OTR tire for articulated haul truck operators. First, it is available in the 875/65R29 size which was created for some of the newly designed articulated haul trucks. Michelin and Bridgestone became the OE suppliers, but Triangle began developing this size a while back and is the one of the only other tire brands in this size. Bridgestone’s capacity for 2019 is reportedly already spoken for, but we have invested with foresight and, while demand is very strong, we have been able to meet our customers’ needs…….

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90-Day Total Satisfaction Guarantee on TBR Tires; 30 Days on OTR Tires

Triangle Tire USA is now backing its truck and bus radials (TBR) with a 90-day total satisfaction guarantee, one of the strongest satisfaction guarantees in the US commercial tire industry. The company is also backing its OTR tires with a 30-day guarantee.If customers are not 100% satisfied with their Triangle TBR tires, they can bring them back to the dealer where they purchased the tires within 90 days of purchase for a full refund; 30 days for OTR tires…….

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The Sweet Spot in Commercial Truck Tire “Cost”

Every successful owner operator and trucking fleet manager maintains a steady eye on the bottom line. There are other keys to success to be sure, but the numbers must work. When it comes to tires, the numbers don’t lie . . . if you have a tire management program that accurately tracks key metrics. A tire at the top of the price spectrum may deliver the lowest “cost of ownership” because it provides many miles of trouble free performance…….

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Like My Sound System Noisy, Not My Car!

One of my buddies, who spent four years in Japan, had an R32 and a Toyota Sienna. He told me he began running on Triangle tires in Japan. He recommended them as very reliable and did not drain the wallet. I did some research and I read that these tires are quiet – a quality you most often find in the more expensive tire brands. So after reading some reviews and talking to some of my car enthusiast buddies, I got a set. I have to say that the Triangle TR968’s are far and away better than the tires I had been using…….

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Triangle TRS02 Delivers Fuel Efficiency for Regional Fleets

The U.S. average diesel fuel price is running about 50 cents higher than a year ago. That’s a big hit on the bottom line for trucking fleets and owner operators! If you’re not running on fuel efficient tires, now may be a good time to consider them. The good news is, manufacturers such as Triangle Tire have been making remarkable progress in developing tires with low rolling …

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Eddy Gonzalez Grabs First Place in Team Tandem on Triangle Tires

“Don’t spin and don’t make any major mistakes.” That’s what Eddy Gonzalez and his stalwart teammates kept thinking as they competed in Nissanfest 2018 at Evergreen Speedway. Their quest to improve on the second-place finish last year was aided by the fact that they are familiar with each other’s driving styles…and the fact that Eddy is riding on Triangle TR968 UHP tires…….

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Triangle Tire to Build Plant in North Carolina

ROCKY MOUNT, NC (Dec. 19, 2017) – Triangle Tire, one of the largest Chinese tire manufacturers, has selected EdgeCombe County in North Carolina as the location for its first manufacturing facility in the United States. The plant represents an investment of nearly $580 million by the tire company and will eventually employ…….

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Drifting Success with Eddy Gonzalez

Eddy Gonzalez’s dream of competing an entire drifting season on “brand new, good quality tires” came to fruition in 2017 when he landed a sponsorship from Triangle Tire USA. “I have never run a whole season on brand new tires and what a difference it has made in consistency,” he noted. “Consistency is crucial in drifting in setting up the car and being able to predict how the tires will perform in different driving maneuvers.”…

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Triangle Tire Scores at SEMA, North America’s Massive Tire Industry Show

There was plenty of buzz and excitement at the Triangle Tire USA booth at this year’s SEMA/Global Tire Expo Show. A large, eye-catching booth featured some of Triangle’s most innovative passenger/light truck, truck and bus, and OTR (off the road) tires. Staffed by the company’s growing sales team, the booth was busy all day and every day during the four-day show that commenced on…….

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