Triangle Tire USA

Triangle Tire USA was established in January 2016 to provide high quality, innovative tire products at competitive prices to the American market. We offer a comprehensive product portfolio and a growing distribution network to service the needs of the market.

We service the commercial industry with an extensive line of dependable and fuel efficient medium radial tire products for the trucking industry, as well as a full range of premium quality radial and bias Off the Road (OTR) products for construction, mining and aggregate operations.

And for the consumer, we have a wide-ranging line up of passenger and light truck tires including ultra-high performance, winter tires and specialty trailer tires.

At Triangle, our goal is to be the Premier Value Provider to the tire industry. We are currently partnering with exceptional distribution partners to help us build an extensive network that will make the Triangle brand easily accessible and widely available anytime and anywhere there is a need.

Part of an Innovative and Growing Global Company

Triangle Tire USA is part of Triangle Tyre Co. Ltd., a global company that manufactures more than 25 million tires annually in 5,200 different SKUs (tread patterns and sizes). Triangle tire products are now sold in more than 180 countries around the world.

All Triangle tires are innovative, high-quality products due to the company’s unrelenting commitment to research and development, as well as utilization of highly advanced, cutting edge, manufacturing technologies. The Triangle Tyre company boasts more than 360 patents, with research centers in Weihai (China), Akron, OH, and Germany. The Triangle Tire Technical Center in Akron was established in 2011 and works closely with Triangle Tire USA to develop relevant tread patterns, tire construction and custom polymer compounds designed specifically for American applications.

Triangle’s “smart” plants are efficiently controlled by computer-integrated manufacturing systems for optimum quality control. We are currently working on exciting modern technologies such as the "smart tire" which will have a built-in chip that monitors and collects information such as road condition, temperature and tire damages for not only superior performance but for our customers’ overall safety as well.

When you invest in a Triangle Tire product, you can do so with confidence that it is the result of a fully committed R&D philosophy and that it was manufactured with the highest standards and quality controls in the industry.