Triangle TB598 OTR Tire Showing its Worth on Articulated Haul Trucks

There’s double good news about the Triangle TB598 OTR tire for articulated haul truck operators.

First, it is available in the 875/65R29 size which was created for some of the newly designed articulated haul trucks. Michelin and Bridgestone became the OE suppliers, but Triangle began developing this size a while back and is the one of the only other tire brands in this size. Bridgestone’s capacity for 2019 is reportedly already spoken for, but we have invested with foresight and, while demand is very strong, we have been able to meet our customers’ needs.

Secondly, this tire (E-3, L-3) is performing very well at construction, aggregates and mining sites throughout the US with a self-cleaning tread pattern for excellent traction and rugged shoulder design for sidewall protection.

So, it is available . . . performing very well in the field . . . and is attractively priced compared to the Bridgestone and Michelin products. No wonder heavy equipment operators like it so much!

TB516 in Size 29.5R29

The TB516 is Triangle’s most versatile tread pattern that has also proven its value in the field. While most all OTR tire manufacturers produce a similar tread pattern Triangle is one of the few to offer it in the 29.5R29 size.

As with the TB598, the TB516 (E-3, L-3) is in good supply, performing well in the field, and is sold at an attractive price point. A very versatile radial for loaders, dozers and other equipment, the TB516 has a wide aggressive tread design for excellent handling and traction.

TL535S+ in Size 35/65R33

The TL 535S+ only comes in a 35/65R33 size, and as with the TB598, competition at the moment seems limited to Bridgestone and Michelin.

“We have an account in Nevada that was running a loader outfitted with (4) Michelin tires in the extremely hot Mojave Desert,” said Stephen Reynolds, OTR Sales Manager for Triangle Tire USA.

“When the loader would lift its bucket under full load, the customer complained of a stability issue with the tires. They handled the heat well but they swayed under load. When one of the Michelins was damaged the customer gave Triangle a shot, replacing all x4 positions with the TL535S+. Our sidewall design is much stiffer, and when kept at the proper tire pressure the tires dissipate heat well, and they hold firmly under load. The customer is delighted with the tires so far. And so is the vehicle operator!”

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

All Triangle OTR radials are backed with a pro-rated 5-year workmanship warranty and a 30-Day Total Satisfaction Guarantee.

It’s time to Raise Your Expectations on OTR tires!