Decision Time – OTR Radial or Bias?

Whether to go OTR radial or bias tires on your site – or both – is an important question that can certainly affect your tire operating costs.

For instance, construction, earth moving and grading applications that put on relatively high mileage are seeing the benefits of radial tires because they last longer, reduce fuel consumption, and increase the transfer of horsepower to the ground.

Radial OTR Tires

Constructed with steel belts to protect the tread area, radials offer enhanced load-carrying capacity and generate less heat when hauling at higher speeds and longer distances.

Triangle, a leading manufacturer in the OTR tire segment, has numerous radial options in the U.S.:

The TB598 is available in the 875/65R29 size which was created for some of the higher load capacity articulated haul trucks. Michelin and Bridgestone became the OE suppliers, but Triangle was one of the first aftermarket manufacturers to develop this size in an effort to provide a viable alternative in terms of tire operating costs.

This E-3/L-3 tire is a top performer at construction, aggregate and mining sites throughout the US with a self-cleaning tread pattern for excellent traction and rugged shoulder design for sidewall protection.

The TB516 is Triangle’s most versatile tread pattern that has also proven its value in the field. While most all OTR tire manufacturers produce a similar tread pattern, Triangle is one of the few to offer it in the 29.5R29 size. The TB516 (E-3, L-3) is in good supply, performing well in the field, and is sold at an attractive price point. A very versatile radial for loaders, haul trucks, and other equipment, the TB516 has a wide, aggressive footprint designed for excellent handling and traction.
The TL535S+, available in a 35/65R33 size, provides outstanding stability by featuring a stiffer sidewall design than most of the competition. It features massive buttressed shoulders that increase damage resistance, yet it still manages to dissipate heat very well when kept at the proper air pressure.

Bias OTR Tires

A radial OTR tire isn’t always the best solution for every job requirement. Bias tires are a better fit for job sites with more stationary work and less travel.

Here are some of the Triangle OTR bias tire standouts:

Our TL530 offers a newly designed tread for extended service life and smooth ride quality in port and industrial applications.
The TL508 is optimized for traction in soft soil, but also constructed for enhanced cut resistance to help grade those haul roads.
If bias ply is the best solution for your loader’s requirements, check out our TL520 with extra deep tread for maximum wear and improved traction.

Triangle’s complete OTR Lineup is backed by an industry leading warranty, so no matter where you operate and whether radial or bias is best for your application, Triangle Tire has you covered from sea to shining sea!