US Mining Industry Offers Opportunities and Challenges in 2022

Looking at the US mining industry in 2022, coal will be a big driver, stone production will be up, and iron ore production could see some growth. The projection for gold, silver and copper mining is either flat or down somewhat, according to information presented at the recent Tire Industry Association’s OTR Tire Conference.

While opportunities abound for industry suppliers, there are certainly many challenges – like importing equipment and parts into the US, high fuel costs and labor constraints. The Ukranian war adds another element of unpredictability.

The one thing you can depend on is that Triangle OTR tires will perform admirably on haulers, loaders and the other heavy metal work horses on today’s mining sites. Triangle did not become the 4th largest OTR tire producer worldwide or a top 3 supplier to Caterpillar by accident – our OTR radial and bias tires deliver a very competitive cost per hour:

TB526S (E-4)
This radial, particularly in the 24.00R35 size, is a tremendous performer on rigid frame dump trucks working coal mining sites and quarries. Its deep lug pattern provides even pressure distribution while buttressed shoulder lugs help resist sidewall cutting.

TB598 (E-3, L-3)
Designed for articulated haul trucks and available in the important 875/65/R25 size, the TB598 has an excellent self-cleaning tread pattern for surefooted traction. It, too, features a rugged shoulder design for enhanced sidewall protection.

TB516 (E-3, L-3)
The most versatile Triangle OTR radial for loaders, dozers and other equipment, the TB516 has a wide aggressive tread design for excellent handling and lateral adhesion. Tough casing construction delivers enhanced impact and cut resistance support.

A dedicated loader tire for difficult operating conditions, The TL538S+ has an aggressive open tread pattern that provides dependable grip and powerful traction.

Coal production is expected to increase in the western states but will contract in Appalachia. More than 40% of America’s coal comes from the Powder River Basin, a 120-mile swath along the Montana-Wyoming border, but Pennsylvania remains the biggest coal producing state in the US.

Gold and silver prices are expected to decrease moderately over the next half-decade, while North American copper production is expected to decrease through 2035. Some growth in iron ore production is anticipated, and stone production is looking at an annualized growth rate of 1.9% in 2022.