The Sweet Spot in Commercial Truck Tire “Cost”

Every successful owner operator and trucking fleet manager maintains a steady eye on the bottom line. There are other keys to success to be sure, but the numbers must work.

When it comes to tires, the numbers don’t lie . . . if you have a tire management program that accurately tracks key metrics.

A tire at the top of the price spectrum may deliver the lowest “cost of ownership” because it provides many miles of trouble free performance. But how many is “many” relative to the acquisition price? You also have to consider early removals due to tire failures.

The lowest priced tire may save you money up front, but when you consider removal mileage and a casing that cannot be retreaded, it will likely cost you more in the long run.

More and more trucking professionals are discovering that Triangle tires raise their expectations, hitting the sweet spot in cost of ownership.

The Triangle Trifecta

The triangle geometric pattern has three points, and likewise, Triangle TBR tires have three main attributes that lead to low ownership cost – quality product, competitive price, industry leading warranty.

Quality Product

Long tread wear, reduced downtime, traction, driver comfort, retreadable casings . . . Triangle tires deliver surprisingly good performance in all these attributes.

The company, now in its 43rdyear of operation, devotes considerable resources to research and development (including a R&D center in Akron, OH), as well as state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.

Competitive Price

You will welcome the price of Triangle TBR tires with open arms. Once you try them in real world conditions, you’ll be even more pleased.


We’re so confident that we back all Triangle TBR tires with a 90-Day Total Satisfaction Guarantee, as well as a strong materials/workmanship warranty. In addition, Triangle TBR tire casings are warranted for workmanship and materials through 100% of the first, second and third retread (some exclusions apply) for 5 years (7 years on SmartWay® Verified products).

The TRS02

Our TRS02 regional, all-position tire, for example, is becoming one of our biggest sellers. Built to handle the open highway as well as tough urban environments, it delivers long original tread life, dependable traction and multiple retreads . . . not to mention fuel efficiency; the TRS02 is SmartWay verified.

We encourage owner operators and fleet managers to look at all the key factors when determining the cost of your tires. When you do, we think you’ll make your move to Triangle!