Triangle TRS02 Delivers Fuel Efficiency for Regional Fleets

The U.S. average diesel fuel price is running about 50 cents higher than a year ago. That’s a big hit on the bottom line for trucking fleets and owner operators!

If you’re not running on fuel efficient tires, now may be a good time to consider them. The good news is, manufacturers such as Triangle Tire have been making remarkable progress in developing tires with low rolling resistance that also perform well on tread wear, traction and other important attributes. The trade-offs among these core attributes are getting smaller and smaller as tire companies make advances in compounding, tread design and overall tire construction.

Take the new Triangle TRS02 premium all position tire for example. It is SmartWay® verified, meaning that it meets requirements for low rolling resistance. SmartWay tires have been determined by the EPA to provide an estimated fuel savings of 3% or greater, relative to the best-selling new tires for line haul trucks, when used on all three axles.

In addition to fuel efficiency, the TRS02 also delivers long original tread life and outstanding cornering and traction capabilities. It’s built upon a durable casing to allow for multiple retreads. Available in a total of 10 sizes, it is backed by a “best in class” warranty including:

“With its combination of performance and competitive pricing, the TRS02 provides a very practical solution for regional fleets wanting to increase their tire performance and reduce tire operating costs,” said Rick Phillips, vice president of sales for Triangle Tire USA. “You don’t have to be a long haul operation to benefit from low rolling resistant tires; regional fleets can too as long as the tires perform well in the other areas such as tread wear, traction and durability in those tough urban conditions.”


A split layer compound in the TRS02 delivers long original tread life while reducing rolling resistance. A wider footprint also contributes to extended removal miles. Cornering stability and overall handling are aided by an innovative Variable Sipe Concept and undulating tread base grooves.

Phillips added, “This is a new generation product for Triangle. It’s a preview of things to come as we revamp our lineup and prepare for TBR production in the U.S.”

The 10 sizes range from 265/70R19.5 to 11R24.5. Ply ratings range from 14 to 20.

Triangle Tire USA is the wholly owned subsidiary of Triangle Tyre Co. Ltd., marketing and selling a complete product portfolio. On the commercial side, the company offers a broad range of medium radial truck tires to the trucking industry. It also has a full range of off-the-road (OTR) radial and bias products, including giant radials for the construction, mining and aggregates industries. On the consumer side, Triangle Tire USA has a comprehensive line-up of passenger and light truck tires, including ultra-high performance (UHP), winter and specialty trailer tires.

Triangle Tyre Group, China’s largest privately-owned tire manufacturer, established its U.S. headquarters in Franklin, located just south of Nashville in Williamson County, in 2016.