The Amazon Effect on Truck Tires

Welcome to the jungle! Amazon (the online behemoth, not the rain forest) has disrupted much in the business world, so it’s no surprise that they have impacted commercial tire development.

With the proliferation of LTL shipments and warehouse to door delivery of internet-purchased goods, tire manufacturers are putting increased efforts into designing tires for regional and local haul fleets. 17.5”, 19.5”, 9R22.5”, & 10R22.5” size tires (in both rib and traction tread designs) for smaller delivery vehicles are being developed to offer more miles, better fuel economy and repeated retreadability.

TRS02 Regional All-Position Tire

The Triangle TRS02 regional all-position tire, for instance, provides outstanding removal mileage and fuel efficiency for the open highway. It also performs well in urban environments, protecting against curb damage and providing good cornering stability and overall handling through its undulating tread groove pattern.

TR685 Multi-use Steer/All Position Tire

Available in 14 sizes, including nine for 17.5” and 19.5” wheels, the TR685 also does a great job of delivering long tread life combined with urban toughness. An enhanced tread compound and siping improve uniform wear, while a sturdy casing package helps improve toughness and retreadability.

TR689A Traction Drive Tire

While the TR685 is an all-position rib-style design, the TR689A is a traction-style tire used primarily on the drive axle.

Available in four 19.5” sizes, the TR689A features an innovative tread design that promotes good lateral traction and wet skid resistance. A special tread compound is excellent for high-speed performance.

As consumers continue to do more internet shopping with delivery directly to their home or business, the smaller commercial tires will increase in demand. There quite possibly will be new sizes developed to accommodate this growing trend.

Triangle Tire spends vast R&D resources to address and anticipate customer needs, so you can count on the company to continue focusing on commercial tires that help fleets deliver the goods directly to consumers and businesses.