Moore’s Tire Experiencing High Demand for Triangle ST Tires

New York tire distributor Bill Watkins of Moore’s Tire says you can find specialty trailer (ST) tires for a dollar or two less than the Triangle ST offerings, but it is not worth it.

“As many Triangle ST tires that we’ve sold over the past 10 years, a dollar or two in price would have amounted to significant money for us,” Watkins says. “But having satisfied, repeat customers is worth more to us. We’ve sold thousands of Triangle ST tires, and I can count the adjustments on one hand. We never have a problem, and on the rare occasion we do, Triangle takes care of it instantly.”

Watkins adds, “In our market area of upstate New York and northern Pennsylvania, Triangle has become a well-recognized brand in ST tires due to their reliability. The last thing you need when pulling a trailer is a bad tire!”

The Triangle ST Lineup
The Triangle TR653 has been a big seller for Moore’s Tire, particularly in the 205/75R15 and 235/85R16 sizes. It features dual belt construction for added strength and towing stability. A full nylon cap in select sizes delivers durability and a smooth ride.

The longtime tire industry professional says he is also very excited about the new, all-steel Triangle TRT01S, particularly for his landscaping companies that carry heavy loads, as well as horse enthusiast customers who also obviously carry heavy loads.

“That all-steel construction is going to serve these customers very well,” Watkins says.

Available in the ST235/80R16 and ST235/85R16 sizes (both 14 ply rating, M speed rated), the TRT01S features all-steel construction for exceptional durability and long tread life. Other attributes include:

  • Solid shoulder rib and circumferential grooves for even, uniform wear.
  • Specially designed cool-running compound for improved tread wear.

Like all Triangle ST tires, the TRT01S is backed with a two-year road hazard warranty and a 100 percent replacement manufacturer’s warranty within one year of purchase; 50 percent replacement in year two. In addition, Triangle ST tires come with a 90-day total satisfaction guarantee.

Ozone Cracking and Rough Roads
Watkins says a common problem with ST tires is ozone cracking because the tires are exposed to water for long periods of time and can sit idly on a trailer for eight months. No ozone issues with Triangle ST tires though, he notes.

Heavy loads and rough roads also take their toll on ST tires, according to Watkins. “The first thing we do with a ST customer is determine their typical load weight and application. If their trailer has been on Triangle tires, it’s easy – they want another set of Triangles.”

Starting at the bottom, rising to the top
Watkins’ story is an inspirational one in the tire industry. He started his career as a route salesman for Moore’s Tire in 1986. That led to managing a store location and eventually being named general manager of the entire operation. In 2009, Watkins purchased the company from Jim Moore.

It is now quite the operation, with four retail stores (Moore’s Tire in Owega and Sherburne, NY, and two Reid’s Tire locations in the Buffalo area) and a network of more than 4,000 associate dealers in upstate New York and northern Pennsylvania.

“I’m still learning the business every day because it changes so quickly,” Watkins says. “But one thing stays constant – you have to take care of the customer.”

We appreciate their business and wish Moore’s Tire many more years of success!

Moore’s Tire owner Bill Waktins (left) and Derek Beck, who handles specialty tire (ST) and international purchases for Moore’s Tire. Beck has been with the company for 19 years.